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Product Code:
Input DC Voltage:
12-24 V
6800 mAh
75 Wh
188.50 x 114.00 x 22.80 mm
Output Voltage:
5 / 9-12 / 15-17 / 18-20 / 24 V
Note: The below cross reference list is for reference only. To avoid any mismatching, please make sure that the tip size of your original adapter is similar as the connector tip we listed therein.
Please read the following instructions (5 Parts) carefully for a good understanding of the product and its functions.


Part I. Charge the Power Bank

Step 1:
To charge EL1696, simply plug the DC-out jack of the AC adapter (included in the package) into the "DC IN" socket of the Power Bank and connect the AC power plug of the adaptor to a AC wall-outlet.

Step 2:
During charging, the 1st LED indicator on the right is always red in color. The remaining 3 green LED indicators will glow and increase in number corresponding to charging time and power level of the Power Bank.

Reminder: The Power bnak will become warm during charging.

Step 3:
The LED indicators will keep flashing while charging. When the battery pack is fully charged, all the 4 LED lights will lit.

Reminder: Disconnect the battery from the AC adapter after the Power bank is fully charged.

Part II. LED Status Display & Power Levels

Status of LED display shows different levels of the Power Bank capacity available:

Status of LED Display
Power Level
Less than 30% charged
30-50% charged
51-70% charged
71-100% charged

Reminder: Do not exhaust thePower Bank until all power is completely consumed.

Part III. DC Sockets

There are 1 DC Input socket and 3 DC Output sockets with different voltages, fit for most digital products in market.

USB Port

Provides 5V / 1A power, suitable for all 5V digital devices like Mobile Phone, PDA, Game Player, MP3, and Digital Camera, etc.

3.5mm DC Output Jack

Provides 10.8V / 5A power, suitable for Portable DVD Player, Netbook, UMPC, Digital Photo Frame, and other devices of 9 -12V power input.

5.5mm DC Output Jack

Provides 3 Switching Output 16V / 4A, 19V / 3.5A, and 24V / 2.5A power, suitable for Laptop Computers which require 16 -24V power input.

5.5mm DC Input Jack

Accepts 12 - 24V / 45W power input. The outer size of the power cable is 5.5mm; and the conductor size is 2.5mm.

Part IV. Use of the Power bnak

To check the default voltage of your device:

Step 1a:
Refer to the "Output" of your AC-DC adapter for your device - to check the "Output" power requirement..


Step 1b:
Refer to the specification label stuck at the bottom of your device - to check the "Input" requirement.


Step 2:
Choose an output voltage which is close to the power input requirement of your device. Then plug the suitable power cable into the DC output jack of the Power Bank.


Step 3:
For EL1696, there is a wide range of interchangeable tips that work with most laptop computers and other digital devices. The correct tip would be the one with its tip well fitted into the DC jack of the device tightly and snugly.


Step 4:
Connect the DC-out jack of the provided adapter into the other end of the tip that has plugged into the device.


Step 5:
When EL1696 and the device are connected with each other, the Power bank will start supplying power to your device automatically. When using Output III to charge laptop computer, select the correct voltage on the Power Bank that fits your laptop computer before use.

How to switch the voltage of Output III:


Press and hold the CHECK Button for 3 seconds - - enter into "Switching Mode" - - one of the LED indicators will become flashing.


Pressing the CHECK Button for voltage switching – one press for each voltage select. When the LED indicator of the voltage that suits your device is flashing, stop pressing the CHECK Button.


Wait for 5 seconds, the flashing LED will turn off, and voltage selection is complete.



1. For Output III, there are 3 different level outputs - - 16V, 19V and 24V.

2. With an AC adapter connected, EL1696 could continue supplying power to multiple devices through its Output I, Output II and Output III simultaneously.

Reminder: Do not exhaust the Power Bank. Recharge before its power is completely consumed.

Part V. Safety Instructions and Warning

  • Do not disassemble, refit or reassemble the Power Bank (battery pack).
  • Do not short circuit the battery pack.
  • Do not expose the battery pack to direct sunlight and other heat sources, e.g. radiators and other electrical devices, and chimney, etc.
  • Do not place the battery pack in the vicinity of inflammable, explosive and dangerous objects and corrosive materials.
  • Keep the battery pack at room temperature in a dry place.
  • Dispose the battery pack and its accessories in strict accordance with local environmental protection laws and regulations, e.g. the WEEE Directive (2002/96/EC). Do not dispose this product together with household waste.
  • Disconnect the power supply before cleaning the battery pack.
  • To clean the battery pack, use only soft cloth with mild soap solution containing no harmful substances, i.e. no irritating chemicals, detergents or cleaning agents with relatively high density.
  • Charge this battery pack at least once every 3 months if you do not use it for a long time.
  • During charging, the temperature of the battery pack will rise slightly. This is normal and not a malfunction.
  • Stop charging the battery immediately if charging does not complete in reasonable time.
  • If unpleasant smell is detected and deforming casing occurred during charging, turn off the power supply immediately and unplug the power cord from AC wall-socket to avoid possible damage or risk (e.g. fire).
  • If there is leakage of electrolytic substance from the battery pack, use large amount of water to wash off any liquid tainting any part of the body immediately. Remove your clothes that have been contaminated by the electrolytic substance and wash them with a synthetic detergent immediately.
  • Always keep the battery pack out of the reach of infants and children. Children must not play unsupervised near the product and its connections.
Note: New Power Bank is normally shipped in its partially charged condition. Please cycle your Power Bank by fully charge and discharge it for 3~5 times to allow it to reach its maximum rated capacity before use.

User Manual

Power Bank EL1696
It is a highly effective Power Bank that could be used for Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras, Digital Photo Frames, PDAs, and Mobile Phones, etc. As there are 3 output plugs, EL1696 can charge several devices of different voltages simultaneously. This Power Bank is a safe product because of its build-in protection circuits; and it could provide extra power to your electronic devices. Safety and convenience are the added value of this battery pack.
Technical Specifications
Model: EL1696
- Black Casing with Black Sticker
- Black Casing with Red Sticker
- White Casing with White Sticker
- White Casing with Silver Sticker
Input DC Voltage: DC 12 - 24V (Min 45W input)  
Output Voltage: DC 5V, 10.8V & 16, 19 & 24V
Operation Current: Max. 4A
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Dimensions: 188.00 x 113.00 x 22.00 mm
Weight: 621g
LED Indicator: 4-stage LED display  
Built-in Protection Circuit:
- Over-charge protection
- Over-discharge protection
- Over-current protection
- Over temperature
- Short-circuit protection
Combo Sets for Choice
Product Code Chemistry Capacity Rate Cell Color Accessories List
EL1696AA.083 Li-ion 6600 mAh 75 Wh YLE White Tips, Power Cable, Adaptor, Bag
EL1696AA.29P Li-Polymer 6800 mAh 75 Wh YLE White Tips, Power Cable, Adaptor, Bag
EL1696AAZ.083 Li-ion 6600 mAh 75 Wh YLE White Tips, Power Cable, Adaptor, Bag
EL1696AAZ.29P Li-Polymer 6800 mAh 75 Wh YLE White Tips, Power Cable, Adaptor, Bag
EL1696AE.083 Li-ion 6600 mAh 75 Wh YLE White Tips, Power Cable, Adaptor, Bag
EL1696AE.29P Li-Polymer 6800 mAh 75 Wh YLE White Tips, Power Cable, Adaptor, Bag
EL1696AEZ.083 Li-ion 6600 mAh 75 Wh YLE White Tips, Power Cable, Adaptor, Bag
EL1696AEZ.29P Li-Polymer 6800 mAh 75 Wh YLE White Tips, Power Cable, Adaptor, Bag
EL1696AJ.083 Li-ion 6600 mAh 75 Wh YLE White Tips, Power Cable, Adaptor, Bag
EL1696AJ.29P Li-Polymer 6800 mAh 75 Wh YLE White Tips, Power Cable, Adaptor, Bag
EL1696AJZ.083 Li-ion 6600 mAh 75 Wh YLE White Tips, Power Cable, Adaptor
EL1696AJZ.29P Li-Polymer 6800 mAh 75 Wh YLE White Tips, Power Cable, Adaptor, Bag
EL1696AK.083 Li-ion 6600 mAh 75 Wh YLE White